MES solution Legato Sapient

Digital MES manufacturing system: Transparency down to the smallest detail

In the age of digitalization, efficiency is not only a question of productivity, but also of the adequate handling of various forms of disruption. Transparent manufacturing processes are the best preparation for change and at the same time reveal performance reserves that lie dormant in every manufacturing operation: By identifying and eliminating unplanned machine downtime more quickly, daily production can be increased by five to ten percent without any problems.

Your benefits with Legato Sapient at a glance:

  • Latest architecture technology – MES cloud-ready or on premise
  • Automatic generation of maintenance orders from time-, value- or fault-based maintenance plans
  • Recognition of under- and over-maintenance by means of evaluation of the activities performed and their justifications
  • MES mobile – usability of all functions based on HTML5 architecture
  • KPI and MES calculation as well as integration of other systems like SAP
  • Support of the CIP

With our MES system Legato Sapient, you will achieve end-to-end transparency in your manufacturing processes and generate a tangible business value, which is illustrated by numerous use cases:

  • Central equipment and machine monitoring and real-time detection of plant shutdowns to shorten downtimes and increase plant availability
  • Greater transparency and rapid detection of deviations through automatic calculation of key production figures and OEE data monitoring
  • Targeted recall actions and fewer callbacks through track & trace
  • Faster response, shorter resolution times & avoidance of machine downtime (crash) through automatic alarming in the event of a malfunction and total productive maintenance and servicing
  • MES interface of control system level with human machine interface through HMI-SCADA systems with MES
  • Reduction of training and engineering efforts through intuitive drag-and-drop operation and easy report generation via flexible dashboards in terms of digital shopfloor management

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the MES system Legato Sapient

Here is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about Legato Sapient:

What does MES mean?

MES stands for manufacturing execution system, which means automated and digital production planning and control. It refers to a multi-layer management system that operates on different levels close to production.

The MES differs from the so-called ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems for production planning by linking directly to the distributed systems of process automation. It thus enables the management, control or monitoring of production in real time. This includes classic data collection and analysis, machine data acquisition (MDE) and personnel data acquisition, but also all other processes that affect the manufacturing and production process in real time, such as digital shopfloor management.

Why an MES?

The term industry 4.0 stands for many companies and factories going through the process of digitalization. Without a suitable MES system, vertical data integration for reporting and analysis becomes a daunting task. Real-time processing of machine and operational data enables transparency to be created and maintained across the entire production process, and clear communication to be achieved in terms of optimization.

MES solutions such as Gefasoft Legato Sapient support you in precisely this area, providing data and transparency for future improvements and internal communication at all levels.

What is Gefasoft Legato Sapient?

Gefasoft Legato Sapient is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system. Legato Sapient is a flexible and scalable MES that covers a wide range of applications. These range from solutions for plant condition monitoring (SCADA), shopfloor management, and machine data collection (SFDC & MDC) to comprehensive production management systems. The focus of Legato Sapient as an MES solution is on transparency and increased efficiency in production.