Gefasoft builds strong business partnerships in the software industry

These companies are handpicked for their skills, experience and ability to meet the needs of their customers. Gefasoft and our partners work together, from system integration to the deployment of new features. Find out more about the companies GEFASOFT works with:

Business partnerships in IIoT

Neglecting collaboration in IIoT means decelerating progress. Therefore, it is one of GEFASOFT’s declared goals to establish and maintain business partnerships. This is to enable medium-sized as well as large corporate companies to take part in the digital transformation and become a Smart Factory – on the one hand through scalable solutions, on the other hand through open source MES systems. That way, GEFASOFT contributes to an economical and sustainable manufacturing industry.

“By participating in European funded projects such as the “IoT4Industry” initiative, we gain deep insight into the existing manufacturing culture and processes as well as the need for Internet of Things (IoT) technologies among customers. With our solutions and special innovations for Industry 4.0, we can significantly support companies in their digital transformation. With the use of new technologies such as the “Digital Twin”, a sustainable increase in productivity and profitability is demonstrably possible. We are proud to make a valuable contribution with the successful introduction of new information and communication technologies.“

Michael Stöger, Gefasoft

Huawei’s Smart Factory in Munich/Ismaning

Legato Sapient is listed as an official solution on Huawei’s test bed for „Digital Transformation in Manufacturing“. The context is „MES & SCADA for Industrial, providing comprehensive dynamic production visualization”. Huawei, FESTO, Quicktron and manufacturing software partner Gefasoft jointly demonstrate how key application acceleration solutions can optimize service performance in production systems and maintain online business continuity.

Realization of Smart Factory Requirements with MES Legato Sapient

  • Capture the current production situation by data connection of online data from the controller
  • Visualization of all relevant production data from each equipment (station/line), e.g.
    • Machine status: faults, operator requests, operations from single devices
    • Production status: off, ready, in production
    • Order information: order IDs with counting good pieces and scrap
    • Process values: air pressure, vacuum, position
  • Processing of the recorded raw data, e.g. value aggregation, key performance indicators
  • Provision of diverse analyses of archive data (top alarms, production times, tracking & tracing)

Business Benefits for Customers

Model of a manufacturing plant with automated plant monitoring

European project IoT4Digitaltwin with Geprom, Gefasoft and Celsa

The IoT4DigitalTwin project is part of the European IoT4Industry initiative within the Horizon 2020 programme. Geprom Connecting Industries and Gefasoft GmbH have formed a consortium with the aim of implementing a digital twin in Celsa (a private Spanish multinational and leader in the metallurgical sector) and continuing to advance in the field of industry 4.0 with more flexible, personalised and efficient processes.

During the 13 months of the project, the companies of the consortium have collaborated developing numerous pilot tests in Celsa’s processes, generating a link between the real factory and a virtual platform in which to experience the capabilities of technologies based on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Big Data.

Realization of a digital twin with MES Legato Sapient

The digital twin requires consolidated and reliable data from the production environment as the basis for accurate simulation. Connectivity, data capture, monitoring and control of production in real time are central elements in ensuring its success.

All relevant data for the digital twin, such as machine status, order information, asset positioning and process values, are provided in real time via the Legato Sapient MES system. The current data is collected in real time via a gateway and displayed via the Legato Sapient web front-end.

All values are stored in a database and are available as historical resources for a wide variety of analyses and reports. Additional value aggregation and the provision of project-specific key performance indicators are carried out on the basis of the raw data collected. These defined KPIs are a fundamental core for process evaluation, both for the current situation and for simulation within the DigitalTwin.

The result of the project is a flexible and scalable digital twin model, which enables new production scenarios to be validated without altering the existing manufacturing process and more secure decisions to be made based on reliable, real-time data, thus significantly improving the success of new investments.

Business Benefits for Customers

With the virtual factory, the multinational Celsa goes even further into Industry 4.0 and will be able to predict production processes by avoiding production stoppages, with a high capacity to test modifications without introducing changes to the plant, increasing the efficiency and productivity of operations and optimising logistics and production parameters. “IoT4DigitalTwin shows that our commitment to incorporate the most advanced technologies of Industry 4.0 is bearing fruit and is a step forward to boost our competitiveness and efficiency” says Anna Casals, Head of Innovation at CELSA Group™.

screenshot of a virtual factory as a digital twin

Industry Business Network 4.0 & IndustryFusion Project

The Industry Business Network 4.0 e.V. association was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating a network and implementing cross-manufacturer solutions with tangible added value for customers on an equal footing, which small and medium-sized companies could not implement in this way as lone fighters.

Realization of an open source MES with Legato Sapient

Large corporations have already recognized the potential of Industry 4.0 and have aligned their activities accordingly. For small and medium-sized companies, however, the topic is now a given, but most still lack the necessary know-how or a fundamental strategy to successfully use Industry 4.0 approaches.

This is why Gefasoft is jointly involved in IndustryFusion – the open-source solution for networking in the smart factory. IndustryFusion is the first manufacturer-independent open-source networking solution for smart factories and smart products that creates an interoperable link between machine, factory and cloud platforms. Ease of implementation is central to the solution, empowering companies of all sizes to intelligently digitize manufacturing & products and take advantage of a broad Industrie 4.0 ecosystem.

Business Benefits for Customers

Gefasoft delivers the following standard applications in the IndustryFusion context:

  • Central Plant Monitoring for transparency across the board
  • Digital Shopfloor Management (e.g. digital morning rounds)
  • Shift handover – creating transparency in the documentation process of a production day
  • Guided processes in all production areas, e.g. via checklists for machine maintenance, incoming goods inspection or safety tour
model of a smart factory

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