About us

About Gefasoft


According to our slogan “intelligent produzieren“, we are a strong partner for your projects to increase efficency with our products and services.


Our products – the object-oriented process visualization (SCADA) GraphPic and the scalable manufacturing execution system (MES) Legato Sapient are industry-neutral. Since the foundation of the company in 1984, the staff experience is concentrated on the field of discrete manufacturing. Due to the activities of system and distribution partners, you can find products and services of the GEFASOFT GmbH in various industries. The focus of the services is placed on the fields of Automotive, Pharma and Food, Energy Technology, and Building Management.

Innovation and Growth

Innovative solutions form the basis for continuous and stable growth. New approaches are presented to the customer already in an early phase. A further development up to the marketable product is then made preferably in cooperation with selected customers.

Growth is the result of the success of our products on the market. Preconditions for this are quality and the amount of innovations.

Customer Focus

With our innovative solutions, the customer’s benefit comes first. Customer contacts are based on partnership, and customer satisfaction has top priority.

Employees and Business Partners

Our company’s success is based on commitment, motivation, and competence of our employees. With a reasonable and fair co-operation, further training, as well as the possibility of self-dependent acting, we encourage and challenge our employees.

The business relations to our partner companies are aimed at long-term collaboration. Reliable cooperation is supported by an open conversation and a fair behavior.



ALPINA invests in MES specialist GEFASOFT

Technology investor Alpina Partners acquires a stake in GEFASOFT GmbH, the leading provider of MES solutions and process visualization software.


Legato Sapient – The cloud-based MES

Release of Version 1.0


30th Anniversary of the Company


25th Anniversary of the Company

After 25 years of continuous growth and with about 100 employees at three locations, the GEFASOFT Group is a strong partner in the industries:

  • Excellence in Efficiency – GEFASOFT AG – München
  • VISION and MORE – GEFASOFT GmbH – Regensburg
  • IPC 4 Industry – GEFAHARD Industrieelectronic GmbH – Michelstadt


Ongoing Development of the MES Legato

Detailed order planning with DUALIS and Gantt plan. The data model is extended with the MES functions. Legato V4 with redesigned user interface.


Legato with MDA / PDA and DNC

With the Efficency Boosters MDA / PDA and DNC, the further development of Legato to an MES is pushed. The development takes place in the scope of a project at MAN.


IT & Automation Cup 2005


Relocation to the new larger office in Dessauerstraße 15

BMW goes for Legato as standard control system (inhouse name IPS-T) for all vehicle plants of BMW Group worldwide.


Legato MES with user interface in the web client


Renaming from GEFA to GEFASOFT Automatisierung und Software GmbH


Moving out to Regensburg

The branch office in Regensburg becomes independent by founding GEFA Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik GmbH Regensburg. The main shareholders are Harald Grünbauer and Michael Würsching.


The process visualization GraphPic was made available for sale.


Relocation from the Kaulbachstraße to Landshuter Allee 94

Cooperation with EGI (Franz Eisenhauer and Karl Gerlach) starts; the first main project is PC control consoles for a new body construction at BMW in Dingolfing. Industrial PC’s from EGI are used in combination with QUICKPIC +.


First version of QuickPic.

Via BMW, a contact to the company Transfertechnik is made. For “tube bending lines”, a PC with visualization is required; the first version of QUICKPIC is developed. For BMW in Dingolfing, the first “control system” is realized: ÜST-TKL.


Cooperation with AUDI in Neckarsulm:

Pressenstraße 10 (UMFORMTECHNIK Erfurt). First project for BMW (standardization) and POLYPRODUKTE (chassis test stands).


Foundation of GEFA Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik

The company was registered on April 1st, 1984 at registration court in Munich. The shareholders are Ortwin Tischler, Heinz J. Rabe and Franz Fuchs with 33.33% each. As legal successor to “Tischler und Rabe”, the GEFA takes over the office in Hörwarthstraße.