Digital Shopfloor Management

Digital Shopfloor Management

Digitization of the Shopfloor Management

Digitization has reached the shopfloor and its processes for increasing in OEE. Our dSFM solution based on Legato Sapient offers many new advantages for manufacturing companies:

  • More efficient shopfloor meetings
  • Less effort for pre- and post-processing due to automatic data preparation and aggregation
  • Improved control and follow-up measures for sustainable improvement in the sense of the CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)
  • KPIs for better trend recognition and easy comparability through long-term archiving
  • Ongoing progress in production due to faster processing, less quality problems and work accidents
  • Cross-plant comparisons help management to align and sustainably pursue the course
  • Also available as complete Saas solution

Our dSFM solution can be used stand-alone, but the MDA/PDA integration makes it an even more valuable tool for a more efficient production process. In addition, information from third-party systems can also be displayed in context.

Paperless Factory with Legato Sapient

  • The digitized working way for employees on all shopfloor levels
  • Increased production efficiency due to reaction on accidents and increased OEE because of improved occupancy rate of machines
  • Increased process efficiency due to less preparation and time of meetings

Legato Sapient-Get more out of your Production

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