MES System Legato Sapient

MES System Legato Sapient

The Cloud-Based Manufacturing Execution System

Legato Sapient is a flexible and scalable MES / control system, which can be variably applied in monitoring systems in the highly automated production up to complete MES.The first priority in each Legato application is to create transparency in all departments. Legato features several modules to increase efficiency in the production.

As far as possible, data recording will be done online via the control systems of the production lines. Online recording increases the quality of data and enables the calculation of key figures in “real time”. In large projects, Legato collects data of more than 1,000 communication partners. All data representation and analysis is done via web client. Thus, all information is available anytime at any PC in the enterprise network.

Legato Sapient – Technical Innovations and Features

  • Visual ergonomics
    A flexible dashboard concept allows the individual design of the user interface by combining predefined “Boardlets”. In visually ergonomic form, the user is provided the exact information depending on the role and situation.
  • Open innovation
    The framework consistently was designed for the “Open Innovation” concept. Users’ ideas are now easily and quickly implemented in the application. Specifically, this is achieved through a fully documented SDK and API.
  • Flexible interactive analysis
    Data analysis, also in terms of big data, and reporting functions are an integral part of the framework. Without additional BI tools, Legato Sapient becomes a tool for “Production Intelligence out of the Cloud”.
  • Responsive design
    The framework of the front end of Legato Sapient is based on state-of-the-art web technologies. Thanks to the responsive design, customized dashboards can also be used mobile on any device / operating system.

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