The control station is dead

The control station is dead

Regardless of whether the planning of production orders is realized via ERP or MES, many production plants lack transparency – both in the current order planning (target) and in the status of order execution (actual). Plan data from the ERP are often manually transferred to the production, which increases the risk of errors and further impairs the transparency. Especially in case of planning changes in the ERP, it is not possible to react in time, and the confirmation of orders to the ERP is highly time delayed.


The solution to this problem is to provide the classic “production control station”, e.g. as graphical representation as a Gantt-plan, directly at each relevant machine / plant. This ensures full transparency to the production manager and the machine operators, andchanges to the plan can be seen almost in real time at their respective working place, too.  The communication between order planning, supply chain management, and production is significantly improved and less time-consuming. As final result, the transparency in the production is significantly improved with regard to a status tracking of the production orders.

Find out in detail what matters most when selecting and implementing an MES in order to produce competitive and future-oriented products.

5 key elements that have to survive anyway

  1. Transparency – of production status
  2. Transparency – of plant and machine states
  3. Basis for human-centric decisions
  4. Alerting and targeted control of the maintenance
  5. Information flow over all shifts and departments

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