MES For Industry 4.0

MES For Industry 4.0

Those who are not building a new plant on a green-field site, are aware of the problem – the connection to the shop floor is time-consuming and expensive, since plants and machines from the most different manufacturers have to be connected with various interface technologies.

An efficient MES is fundamental for entering the field of Industry 4.0

Without an online connection to the most important plants and machines, an efficient MES is not possible and entering the world of Industry 4.0 is doomed to fail already at this point.

“Batch size 1” and extremely short production cycles require a highly adaptive and at best an “intelligent production”. This is raising new challenges for the MES: Which machine is currently the bottleneck? Where do the cycle times get out of control? Where do problems with the OEE occur? Where and why do quality problems occur?

Find out in detail what matters most when selecting and implementing an MES in order to produce competitive and future-oriented products.

5 key aspects you should consider

  1. Connectivity to the heterogeneous shopfloor
  2. MES as a central data hub in the production
  3. Agile application development provides transparency in the production
  4. Sustainable architecture – cloud-based services
  5. Roll out and standardized operation

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