Key performance indicators

5 KPI’s that are essential to any dashboard

In the context of Industry 4.0 and Big Data more and more production data is generated, which normally is collected in a real time MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Collecting and archiving the data, however, offers only a limited benefit for the companies. Rather, it is important to derive meaningful information (Smart Data) out of the collected data. Key indicators (KPIs) are a very effective tool for summarizing the facts. High quality of the collected data provides as a fundamental requirement for this. It is only because of reliable data that well-founded decisions can be made, which can have a significant impact on the production.

Which KPIs are essentiell?

The importance of the KPIs depends strongly on the respective user. The plant manager considers different data as being important than does the worker at the machine.

Find out in detail which KPIs are essential to any MES dashboard!

5 KPI’s that are essential to any dashboard

  1. Piece Counter Values (Actual and Target)
  2. MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures
  3. MTTR: Mean Time To Repair
  4. Availability of Equipment and Complete Production Systems
  5. OEE: Overall Equipment Efficiency

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