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The transformation of automotive production: What production manager and maintenance manager must pay attention to now

The automotive industry is currently the industry with the highest dynamics of change. It is the focus of particular attention in politics and among end customers and is currently also in all the media thanks to e-mobility. Climate change has made it necessary to rethink. Away from combustion engines, which emit far too much CO2, and toward lower-emission alternatives.

The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important for companies, not only to comply with the changed legal regulations, but also to show that they are taking responsibility for the future.

A change in thinking needed – also in the optimal use of your production facilities.

Our expert whitepaper addresses:

  • Automotive Industry 4.0: These are 3 trends you should keep an eye on!
  • Climate change and e-mobility: Generate business value from market changes!
  • Good old days or brave new world? How to use the full potential of your production facility!
  • Your production perfectly in flow with MES software